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David Grieve is Founder of You Can Group, private coach and facilitator for individuals, professionals and businesses improving their performance and life balance. He has featured on several magazines, Men’s Health, Work Life, and The Ladders. He spent two decades in Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry living and working in countries such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi, South Korea and Russia. Over a decade he relocated his family, home and life five times until deciding to return to his homeland in Scotland late 2019. Embracing, coaching and mentoring people from all cultures, races and ethnicity has given him a broad perspective and understanding of our basic human needs and desires, what motivates us and moves us into action. His mission is to help individuals find balance in their life through change and transformation so that they can perform at their best.

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Inspiring Self-Mastery and Empowering Self-Belief in individuals who want to reach their next level in their business, career, relationships and life.  Coaching, training and facilitation in high performance, we aspire to help individuals find balance through change and transformation and reach heightened and sustained levels of performance, potential and ultimately happiness.

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Boost your team’s success by learning when to say no

Boost your team’s success by learning when to say no