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About David Grieve

David Grieve is a global performance consultant, expert in project delivery, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing director of You Can Group. David also has a million-pound property portfolio. Recognised for his contribution through award nominations, David is a passionate certified high performance coach, writer, speaker, mentor and trainer.

You Can Group provides game changing coaching, training and mentoring, helping individuals and businesses level up in their performance.

Well-versed in leadership and business management techniques and, Certified in High Performance Training.

David Grieve

David has over 20 years of leadership and performance expertise. He delivered successfully to some of the world’s leading Oil and Gas companies such as BP, Shell, Sakhalin Energy, Seadrill, Transocean and others in project management and team leadership development.

He has lived and worked in countries such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi, South Korea and Russia. Over a decade he relocated his family, home and life five times until deciding to return to his homeland in Scotland late 2019.

Embracing, coaching and mentoring people from all cultures, races and ethnicity has given him a broad perspective and understanding of our basic human needs and desires.

David’s mission is to help individuals and businesses reach new levels of performance and potential through self-mastery and self-belief.

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Boost your team’s success by learning when to say no

Boost your team’s success by learning when to say no

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