Never Stop Learning

Why do we struggle with self-development? In this fast-paced world, juggling careers, family, friends and trying to squeeze in leisure time, leaves little time for anything else, so the notion of trying to live life to the fullest and advance our learning feel, at times, unrealistic.   My clients often say that their day to day […]


Do Each Of Us Have the Ability to Make A Difference? I believe that we all have a unique ability to make a difference! That each and every one of us is on a journey of discovery.  We’re trying to find ourselves, figure out our emotions, desires, our wants and needs and ultimately find who […]

How High Performance Coaching Helps

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re living your best life? Have you ever looked around and wondered why some people just seem to succeed with whatever they take on, but yet you struggle? Perhaps you’ve had spells where everything has been going great, your career and personal are going well but then, for some […]

What is High-performance

What exactly is high-performance coaching and how does this differ from all the other coaching that’s promised us greatness? It is simple, High Performance Coaching helps you reach your highest levels of performance, potential and happiness in practically everything you do, helping you to become even more extraordinary. People don’t want to just hit a […]

Measuring Success

So what is Success and what does it look like for you? Well, success is different for everyone but in the main we mostly measure success in monetary terms.   The more money someone has the more successful they must be, right? Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. You could have all the money in the […]

Morning Stretch

Why would you even bother making time stretch each morning? I mean we’re all living busy life’s and we just don’t have time for this unnecessary extra task, right?? Well I’ve experienced severe pain for over 15 years, waking up each day struggling to get out of bed and trying to get my body upright.  […]

Why Our Goals Fail

Did you know that studies have shown that only 8% of people actually see their new years resolutions through and that the average person breaks their New Year Resolution within 3 weeks? These resolutions are simply goals that tend to be set around the turn of the year after we’ve overindulged or looked back on […]

Success Tax

What is it and what are you paying? Success Tax is no different from income tax. If you make more money you pay more tax, and if you want success there will ultimately be a price (or tax) to pay. Take a celebrity or a top athlete for example, not only do they put in […]


Saying “no” in the workplace can feel intimidating, but if we are to avoid distractions that hold us back from really moving forward, we need to STOP saying yes to everything and Start saying “No” more often.

Is Being A Perfectionist Killing You?

People used to call me a perfectionist, it made me feel proud but that’s until I realized that this was the reason, I felt unsatisfied, unhappy and that nothing was ever good enough. Was being a perfectionist holding me back? Was I my own worst enemy? Setting up my first business, 20 years ago, I was […]