What is it and what are you paying?

Success Tax is no different from income tax. If you make more money you pay more tax, and if you want success their will ultimately be some kind of price (or tax) to pay.

Take a celebrity or a top athlete for example, the hours of hard work, training and sacrifice they made to achieve the status and success is one thing but then they also sacrifice many areas of their private life when they reach their goals. This is their success tax.

A housewife or househusband (a very under appreciated role in this day and age if you ask me!) have maybe sacrificed their dreams, desires and ambitions to concentrate on raising their family and being a fully supportive partner to the breadwinner. That is their success tax!

Same can be said for families where both parents go out to work full time to earn more income to provide better for their family. They sacrifice time with their children and as a family unit. That is their success tax!

My Experience of Success Tax

20 years previous to me making my life changes, my success tax was sacrificing time with my family and friends as i worked overseas. I missed out on so many of life’s celebrations, important events and connections in order to achieve the success goals I set for myself. To the outside world I lead was glamorous and extravagant life but they didn’t realise that there were major sacrifices that came along with it.

The point is , we all have to pay some sort of success tax and it is directly related to what our idea of success and what our goals are.

You Have to Weigh It All Up..

If you feel like you are complaining a lot about your circumstances you have to check and analyse your success tax to see if it aligns with your goals, ambitions and achievements you want in your life. Are you paying too much? Or not enough? Is what you are paying moving you towards your goals and ambitions to achieve?

If you believe your goals and dreams are worth whatever ‘Success Tax’ you are paying, when you realise these dreams it will be worth it.

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