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Hypnotherapist & Personal Transformation Coach

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Written Testimonials

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Chief of Vision Tolado

David Grieve first came into my life when we met at a three-day workshop that I was holding for purpose driven entrepreneurs looking to explore how they can align their Purpose, with their business and with their brand.
Before the end of the first morning, David had revealed himself to be an exemplary human being. He quickly revealed himself to be a wise, considered and intelligent man, that has not allowed his intellect to divorce him from his heart.

A man that has been examining himself and his life, with a deep question of how to bring about the betterment of himself and those that he may have the opportunity to serve.
Since that day I have had the pleasure of deepening our relationship both from a personal and business perspective and I have witnessed him and the purpose he carries flourish into the world.

David is a Noble craftsman, with a Noble craft.
Should you find yourself in the receiving end of David attentions.

Than like me, you will know just how much of a positive, vibrant and genuine space this man holds for his friends, family, and clients alike.

I am grateful for our meeting.

And I appreciate, respect and actively endorse the change that this man stands for creating as his legacy.



Head of HR & Talent

Discovering my purpose in life is something that I have thought about for a long time, always wondering what the right path was or should be for me to take. If I am honest, I was skeptical at first but straight from the start David made me feel relaxed and sure about the journey we would take. It was emotional, it was funny, it was serious, it was everything that I hoped it would be. The beauty for me was in the journey that we went through to find my purpose statement and from the moment David read it to me I just knew how important it was going to be to me. It’s part of me now and I am truly grateful to David for facilitating my journey and for the benefit it has brought to me.

My purpose is to be constant source of support and positive energy acknowledging others for their abilities so that,  seeing both sides of the coin, they play life to win finding complete happiness doing what they love.



Project Manager

Coaching is not something that I would have considered before. I guess it’s the sort of thing that just didn’t really appeal to me or I didn’t think that I needed. I guess there was a certain element of feeling vulnerable or fear.

David and I had many a chat over a coffee about work, family and our own personal experiences. At this time I still wasn’t overly interested in receiving coaching however I did feel that I was at a crossroads in my life.

David contacted me to offer his coaching services and I’m so glad that he did. David gave me the tools and understanding to change my mindset and turn negatives into positives. Each session focused on different aspects and I found each one insightful and each time felt a real buzz and a renewed confidence.

I would definitely recommend David to anyone who is on the fence about coaching. It’s not an easy thing to open up to someone but I found David easy to talk with and soon felt at ease during the sessions.

I’d like to thank David for starting me on this journey which is one I will certainly never forget.


Senior Financial Services Consultant

I jumped on the opportunity to work with David at a time when I was considering a career move after many years with the same firm.  Not only was I happy in my existing role, but the environment was positive and supportive; so why was I even considering a move? How could I overcome the apprehension of taking on a new challenge in my career when everything was already great?  What was preventing me from moving forward?  What steps did I need to take?  David coached me through these considerations and more.  

I had never formally engaged a coach before and did not know what to expect; but I knew I was prepared to fully engage and immerse myself into the process which I believe is a prerequisite to getting the most out of the program.  The result was I rated myself 35% better on high performance measures pre and post training which is a significant improvement.  I felt energised after each session and my confidence grew over the course of the program.  I eventually signed on to join the new firm where I have a clear goal which I am motivated and determined to reach.  

One aspect of David’s coaching I liked in particular was that he managed to extract information from me on situations where I demonstrated the skills and abilities that I felt were necessary to achieve high performance outcomes.  So we drew on my own personal examples to learn from and to intentionally incorporate them into my life to maintain high levels of performance, potential and happiness.

I can highly recommend high performance coaching with David without reservation.



Head of Performance 

In my role as a Head of Performance I am lucky enough to work with some of the highest performers in the world. However, I had never really considered getting high performance coaching for myself. After an initial consultation with David, I felt this was something I wanted to pursue. My day’s can be long and chaotic, and being at my best is imperative to the success of my athletes, and in my career. It can be difficult to gain clarity on a daily basis in such a high octane and demanding environment. Working with David allowed me to identify areas within my working practice that I could improve to perform at my best on a daily basis. As a Doctoral student, organising my life to become both effective and efficient is of real importance to me. 

Throughout the programme, David allowed me to not only identify someone areas to improve, but also gave me guidance on how to improve and why these areas were important to be at my best, day in, day out. 

I couldn’t recommend David highly enough to anyone who wants objectivity on their lives, both in work and personally, and how to get better at getting better. 

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