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In this interview with Lucienne Shakir, a successful Women’s Executive Coach, we discussed why Lucienne is selective about who she works with. We talked all things coaching – and what came up was fascinating. The client needs to get the very best experience – and if they are not someone that she wants to work with, that will not happen.

Gavin MacLean is a well-seasoned teacher turned coach, mentor and digital marketer. We discuss the following topics; What areas coaching can help you in, What to look out for in a coach, Benefits of coaching, Things to consider if you’re thinking about engaging with a coach and of course, Gavin shares his own experiences.

I’m often asked, what exactly is high-performance coaching and what’s the difference from regular coaching? Well for me it means that I coach people to reach their highest levels of performance, potential and happiness in practically everything they do, helping them become even more extraordinary.

Why would you even bother making time to stretch each morning? High Performers are clear and understand what practices and habits serve them and their family. These conscious habits serve them and help them reach heightened and sustained levels of performance, potential and happiness in their life.

Have you every asked yourself if you’re living your best life? Have you ever wondered how some people mange to reach their goals and maintain their success? High Performance Coaching can arm you with the skills and methods to help you find balance over all your life arenas, reach heightened and sustained success and, ultimately, happiness in your life.

What do you do before everyone in your house wakes up in the morning? What do you do to ensure that you sustain the habits that will help you show up to be the best you can be? High Performers are very clear and understand what habits serve them and help them show up each day with the energy they need. These conscious habits serve them and help them reach heightened and sustained levels of performance, potential and happiness in their life.

Personally, I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, there’s just not the same conscious and determined application that change requires. What is your why? Why do you make resolutions? In High Performance we teach conscious habits to reach our goals and performance. 

What is success? What do you believe success is? It can mean many things. As a Certified High Performance Coach, I believe that success is met when we have balance in all of our life’s arenas. When our relationships are going well, our career/business is going well and we are showing up as our best selves.

Successful People Never Stop Learning. Learning exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps us boost our self-confidence and resilience. High Performers understand the importance of continual learning and growth. 

All successful people have coaches, yes, they do! They all have someone who works with them to pull, from within them, that which they do not believe they have themselves. If you’re struggling to get from where you are to where you want to be, High Performance Coaching will help you.

We all have times where we sit there, feeling like we’re just getting nowhere. Going round in circles,, constantly putting fires out and “hating” our struggles. In high performance, we teach that we need to identify, embrace and honor our struggle and celebrate what we actually give ourselves a “pat on the back”.

WHat’s your inner chatter? What are the voices in your head telling you? It’s most common that those voices are running us down, isn’t it? Successful people know this and also know that we can change the story so that our inner chatter supports us and does not hold us back.

Have you helped anyone, less fortunate than you, recently? If you haven’t, please go do it! You don’t have to look far to find someone who can do with your help and it won’t take much to make a difference in their day. Help purely with the intention to help. Be an example.

Personal responsibility, or lack of, is often the handicap of our growth and success. Like all other high performance habits, this is a skill that we can learn and develop. By taking full responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, our presence, our energy, we experience more joy.

If you are a perfectionist, I feel your pain! But, while its great to want something to be perfect, if do not develop the ability to take imperfect action, we are ultimately disabling ourselves from moving forward at the pace and rate that we need to reach our success.

Sometimes you just need to get up off your @ss and get it done. If want to feel motivated, get motivated, raise your energy and stop using excuses that stop you. If you want to reach high performance, get to that next level of your success and sustain, think about High Performance Coaching.