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Do Each Of Us Have the Ability to Make A Difference?

I believe that we all have a unique ability to make a difference! That each and every one of us is on a journey of discovery.  We’re trying to find ourselves, figure out our emotions, desires, our wants and needs and ultimately find who we are and who we truly want to be! 

My Story!

My story of self-mastery began around a decade ago when I was in a Buddhist temple, in Thailand, standing in front of my dad’s coffin, filled with emotions of sadness, anger and pity.  Sadness because, he had clearly died, but also anger, because, my whole life I never felt I got from him what I really needed and craved from him resulting in us never having that relationship every boy wants with their dad.  And finally pity, because here was his son, standing looking down at him, not sure how he felt about his death!

I was confused!

You see, my dad never had a real relationship with his dad, he experienced hurt and rejection as a boy, and yet, he didn’t break this cycle.  He wasn’t able to love fully or unconditionally. But now knowing what I do, I’ve realized, in order to give this, you need to be confident and courageous and be able to be truly self-expressed and open, but he never had any of these traits.

I now recognized that, his whole life, he was always looking for something better and I identified that I was a product of the same environment! I wanted to feel like I was really making the most of my life and yet, I didn’t.

Now I come from a very humble upbringing, council house, nothing flash or fancy and at this point, I had everything I could have dreamed for.  I had a beautiful wife, first child on the way, was living overseas in luxury and earning more money than I could imagine and yet, I was unhappy and didn’t know why!

Important Life Questions

I was suddenly struck with questions that I believe are questions we should all ask ourselves; did I make a difference? did I love fully? and did I make the most of my life?

This was the beginning on my journey of self discovery. I began to question everything about my life and environment, why were my relationships failing and why was i so unhappy when i appeared to have everything i had ever wanted.

Only when i started doing this did I start to experience life differently! I became more open, loving, empathetic, more courageous and moved closer to who I truly wanted to be.  I started to express what I wanted and needed from life and MY LIFE began to change!

I went from being unhappy, frustrated, confused and searching for something “better” to feeling contentment and happiness. 

What I Truly Believe….

I believe we all have a personal responsibility to show up owning who we truly are and stop accepting the all too common misconception of “well, this is just who I am” or,  “it’s just the way it is!”

I believe we need to live in our present moment, stop holding onto the past or waiting for a distant possible future, something that may or may not even exist. These questions have stayed with me and inspired me to stop that cycle and go after self-mastery. 

So, I’ve now dedicated my life to helping people. My purpose is to be an understanding and dependable stand for others to master themselves.  I believe that we all deserve to master ourselves and to break free from the chains that are holding us back from making the most of our lives. I believe that we all have a unique ability to make a difference!

And I say, master you then turn to help another.  Let’s break the cycle!!!

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