What is High-performance

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What exactly is high-performance coaching and how does this differ from all the other coaching that’s promised us greatness?

It is simple, High Performance Coaching helps you reach your highest levels of performance, potential and happiness in practically everything you do, helping you to become even more extraordinary.

People don’t want to just hit a small set of goals anymore. They want total life transformation and alignment and they want to know they’re just as high performing at home as at work.

How do I Get Results?

As a High Performance Coach, I am trained to ask penetrating questions and deliver emotionally engaging sessions that help discover deep insights and major breakthrough and he follows a proven plan to help accelerate growth.

This is done through powerful discussions and effective habit-building. Most coaches work with you weekly following a proven methodology. This approach is holistic and far more encompassing than just helping someone reach one specific goal like an accountability coach might.

How effective is this approach?

A third-party company gathered evaluations from over 40,000 CHPC sessions and found the average client rating to be 9.6 out of 10, the highest-known satisfaction in the
coaching industry.

As coaching becomes more and more popular, and Certified High-Performance Coaching continues to sweep the world as the #1 coaching process, teams, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals are looking for top coaches to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Who is a high performer and how do you become one??

Well I’ve spent a decade researching this topic and I now coach people through this process?  We all want to become our best at whatever we’re doing but not just for a short period of time we want it for the long term.

People talk about striving for their “peak performance” but for every peak we reach there’s a cliff edge that follows.  What we want is heightened and sustained levels of performance, potential and ultimately happiness, and that means succeeding and excelling over the long term, above standard norms, over a longer period of time.

We’ve all experienced times when we’ve been excelling beyond what we normally do, and it felt amazing. You have hit your stride and become more productive – you feel like you’re in real flow.   And I don’t mean for just a day or a week, I mean you are really on it for a couple of months or maybe a year or two and in these times, we feel the most amount of energy, engagement, enthusiasm.  This is when we feel like, our relationships are vibrant and going really well, our careers are flourishing, and we’ve still got time for ourself.

It would be a little bit crazy to think that all those things could be perfect all the time and that’s really not what we’re striving for here, we’re not after perfection. We want to our clients to achieve their best but stay at this level for a sustained period of time?

When a client hires me, the reason they do so, is because they know they can’t afford in their marketplace or their personal life to have major ups and downs.  It’s the same with athletes, their sponsors don’t like it when they are inconsistent, one week they hit peak performance and in the next game they fall back down.

So, how do we keep them up there? Well, there’s basically five qualities of high performance and, people who are high performing, in any area, have these five things going on for them.  If we can just get you to that point, where we maintain those five things, then we could call you a high performer, no matter what you’re doing.

High Performers Qualities….

So, the first quality high performers have is clarity.  They have an incredible amount of clarity around who they are, what they’re seeking to do or achieve or experience and they know how their interactions should be with other people, it’s just that they’re very focused.  That clarity in their life allows them to make better decisions, to focus on what’s important and to get rid of distractions so that they can to be who they truly are. To be more intentional.

The second quality is, energy. They have heightened and sustained levels of energy. A high-performing athlete has more energy than one who’s just showing up for the competition, right? We know that there’s a physical vitality, a mental stamina that goes along with their days, that their energy is just, well, it’s palpable, and you can feel it when you’re around them and of course it’s not luck, they’re generating that energy, their conditioning that energy in their body by their training regimes,  their conditioning the energy in their mental stamina by having the clarity of what to focus on what not to focus on and getting very disciplined about where they give their time, energy, effort and attention.

The third quality of a high performer is a heightened level of courage. They’re more likely to speak up for themselves, to speak up for their ideas, to know what they stand for, to take bold action and risks and that’s why they tend to get ahead.  So many other people have analysis paralysis, they’re

The fourth element of high performance is Productivity!  High performers just produce more. If you look at a high-performing athlete, they’re putting in more hours on the field, if you look at a high performing executive, they’re more efficient and effective with their time than their counterparts, say.  It seems, in the same amount of time, they get more done, get in the experience deeper and are simply more efficient and effective.  But we have to look at that in our own lives and be truthful on how productive we have actually been in this last couple of weeks? Be honest because it’s going to dictate whether or not you’re going to ever reach your full potential. It’s true that productivity has so much to do with our full potential. A lot of the work I do with senior executives, comes back down to reclaiming their life, reclaiming their day and if you can reclaim your agenda, get your life’s agenda back, get your life back on track, take back control, discover what you truly want and start moving towards that with greater boldness, effectiveness and efficiency, then, trust me, life changes.

The last one is having the ability to influence. They have greater people skills.  They give other people time, attention, respect, honor and by caring about other people deeply and they tend to get what they want too because other people see them as compassionate and kind, so they reciprocate. Because they have high levels of ability to be with other people, in influential ways, this leads people to be a good role model for others, then other people admire and respect them.

Now, you might be asking, is it possible for all of us to become high performers?

Well, the answer is YES! Are high performers born or made?  No, they’re conditioned!  They’re created by habit in each of these areas, even if they didn’t know it.

It’s true, some successful  people, like celebrities or business leaders, might not have ever thought, consciously, about clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence but you look at their lives and those elements are there.  They’re sharpened and honed because they focused on their life. They’re mastering their mind, their emotions, their schedule. They focus on the discipline of creating their success and, those areas, they got sharpened.

Now, my job, is to ask questions of our clients, to help them find greater levels of power in each of those areas.  I work with people’s psychology, their physiology, their productivity, their people skills, to heighten those five levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence and that’s what makes me a great certified high-performance coach

I hope that someday you consider yourself a high performer or you make it a life’s goal to be a role model, to help and influence people reach higher performance, potential and happiness in their life.

MASTER YOU – then turn to help another!

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